Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VIDEO - Landon Donovan Behind the Scenes of "Outside" Magazine Photo Shoot

Cover Boy.
We swear the Free Beer Movement site isn't turning into some sort of Landon Donovan Fan Club page (or Robbie Finley for that matter.). LD10 has just been turning a lot of heads lately, and frankly, is the most visible/marketable American soccer player right now.

Donovan is featured on the cover and in a feature article for the January 2011 issue of "Outside" magazine. A nice story about Donovan and what's transpired in his life since the USMNT rode off into the sunset in late June. What we came away with was an intense respect for Landon's work rate (See that there? A compliment for him and we're on a first-name-basis.) and desire to contribute to the Nats in 2014.

Along with the article was an "exclusive!" behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot that led to the cover shot and others in the article. We've never been a fan of shooting process videos that lead to still frames. It always kinda makes the subject look a bit foolish and Donovan jumping around in the waves doesn't change our theory one bit.

Lastly, not to hang one on "Outside" Magazine since they're giving Donovan and American soccer some coverage, but their whole soccer-in-the-ocean shots they did for this article are almost exactly the same as the shots they took of LD when he last appeared in the mag in June 2006 (thanks to our crack research dept. at FBM for this one).

Donovan Video:


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