Regular and Special Features

Free Beer Movement Regular Features

Who We're Buying a Beer For
- A series where we honor those groups and individuals that are helping grow soccer in America with, of course, an offer of free beer.

* Going Suds Up
- Every Friday contributor Kirsten Schlewitz brings you the upcoming week's best soccer games and the best beers to drink while watching them. Use 'em on newbies, impress your friends!

* The Flight
- A when-ever-we-feel-like-it series compiling the most random, most tasty bits of the soccer and beer worlds on the Inter-Net-Blogo-Sphere

* The "Recruit Frankie" Campaign and Hejduk Watch
- Our quest to land Columbus Crew and "former" USMNT Frankie Hejduk as the official spokesperson of the Free Beer Movement
- Each week we track Hejduk's contributions to American soccer for the Crew and his chances to return to the USMNT.

Free Beer Movement in Action
- Stories and photographic evidence to prove our thesis that free beer is the most effective way to lure "soccer newbies" to the sport. Free beer works!

Free Beer Match Days
- Photo essays from matches the Free Beer Movement has personally attended

Free Beer Movement Special Features

* Why American Soccer? A Manifesto on Supporting the Domestic Game
- Coming Soon!

* The "12-Pack" Interview Series (and occasionally a sixer of Q&A)
- Interviews with interesting and important people in the world of American soccer (and maybe, sometimes, beer)

Our Interviews:
- D.C. United Director of Marketing Communications Kyle Sheldon: Part 1 and Part 2
- Former USMNT defender, MLS veteran, and current ESPN commentator Alexi Lalas
- Major League Soccer "Insider" Shawn Francis
- "Soccer Newbie" Jesse Nechodom: Part 1 and Part 2

* "Better Know A Supporters Group"

Soccer-to-Beer-Level Conversion Chart
- Taking a "soccer newbie" to their first game (at the stadium or just in front of the TV)? Then use our conversion chart to determine how many free beers you owe them.