Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best FBM Columns of 2010

We here at the FBM appreciate great writing. Problem is that it rarely happens here! We find it tough to string words and sentences together, let alone full articles.

But every once-in-while, like a blue moon, rarity happens. We manage to write some good stuff.

Here are some of our personal favorites and yours from 2010:

* "Free Beer Movement in Action: MLS Cup 2010" (January 6th)

*"De-Constructing Stupidity: In Defense of American Soccer" (March 18th)

"23 Beers to South Africa: The United States National Brew-ski Team" (March 24th)

"Soccer War of Independence Art Gallery"(May 22nd)

* "Donning America's Boomstick: A Drinking Guide for US-England" (June 11th) - Guest Post on "The Shun Guardian"

* "The Greatest Story Never Told - Aboard Air Bradley One" (June 11th) - Guest Post on "Yanks Are Coming"

"World Cup Punditry With Robert Green's Shattered Mental State" (June 14th)

* "Slovenian Sauce: A Drinking Guide for Slovenia-US" (June 17th) - Guest Post on "The Shin Guardian"

* "Algeria Bombshell Shutdown: A Drinking Guide for US-Algeria" (June 21st) - Guest Post on "The Shin Guardian"

* "The Most Interesting Man in the World" (June 25th)

* "The American Soccer Commercial We'd Like to See" (June 29th)

* "Basketball Will Never Be America's Sport" (July 12th)

* "In Bob We Trust - Time To Get On Board" (September 8th)

* "You'll Always Want McBride on Your Side" (September 8th)

* "FBM Six-Pack Interview: MLS Insider Shawn Francis" (September 20th)

* "What Not to Wear: Sports Edition" (September 23rd)

* "The ABCs of the USWNT" (October 26th) - Guest Post on "The Shin Guardian"

* "The Frailty of American Soccer" (October 26th)

* "The Twelve Days of US-Mas" (December 23rd)

* "The Free Beer Movement's "2010 Person(s) of the Year" (December 29th)

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