Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sheriff of Nottingham Forest?

The Nottingham Forest strike force. Finley on far left.
We've already devoted more words on this site that we would have originally imagined to the oft-maligned forward, Robbie Finley. Now he's off making us look like fool!

Definitely not on the field, of course, but in the world of transfer rumors; the "silly season" as it is referred to, anything can happen.

Yesterday we wrote about the Finley's possible move to Wolverhampton, as reported by the Daily Mail. Now a more reliable report from Sky Sports, and backed up by our friends as "The Shin Guardian" (who we consider the be-all-end-all of determining the legitimacy of such "silly season" reports) has Finley moving to Championship side Nottingham Forest.

Whether Wolves or Forest we're still holding back judgement on Finley in England.

We're waiting for you to prove us wrong, Robert.

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  1. Somewhere along the lines my kids learned that one of Nottingham Forest's nicknames is "The Tricky Trees". They've had a new favorite English team ever since.


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