Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Shin Guardian Deserves Your Vote

We don't often get personal on the Free Beer Movement site. No one knows our favorite Major League Soccer team. We haven't said "boo" about which English Premier League side we support. We try to keep it about you, the fans, the supporters of the FBM, and, of course, the American game.

That being said... we're about to get a little bit personal. And for good reason. Today is the final day for voting in the 2010 "Best of U.S. Soccer Awards". If you haven't cast your ballot yet there are loads of categories ranging from "best goal" to "best team performance" to "best fan photo" to "best soccer bar".

The category that we're most concerned about it "best soccer blog". And no.... this is not a solicitation to vote for us. We can't imagine ever being considered for something like this!

What we are asking you to do is to follow this link and please vote for The Shin Guardian as the 2010 "Best Soccer Blog" for the U.S. Soccer Awards.

The Shin Guardian has been around for just about the same time as the Free Beer Movement site and from the beginning TSG and their head writer, Matthew, have been absolutely phenomenal supporters of the work here. We have authored several pieces on TSG and spent countless hours reading their top-notch work and commenting in, what we feel, is one of the most insightful and entertaining communities in the American soccer Inter-Net-Blogo-Sphere.

If you haven't yet checked out The Shin Guardian, yet,  please do. If you're a fan of American soccer (and some European jaunts as well) you owe it to yourself to become a regular reader of The Shin Guardian.

Their coverage of the American game is unparalleled. Their drive and ability to get access is unmatched.

Just this week TSG ran interviews with former New England Revolution and USMNTer Taylor Twellman on his playing days and his painful struggles with concussions. An fascinating, if not, heartbreaking piece. Something that has not been featured on any other American soccer site, but a story worth telling.

Just this week TSG ran an interview with rising USWNTer Alex Morgan, who we bought a beer for a few weeks back. No one else is talking to this young starlet. TSG is.

Just this week TSG broke down possible invitees to the January camp for the USMNT. No one else is thinking about that. TSG is.

TSG breaks down every USMNT game. Squads, coaching, analysis... no stone left unturned when it comes to examining the state of the American game.

This may all sound like a bunch of hyperbole, but no other American soccer site covers the game quite like The Shin Guardian does. And, no, this is not a paid endorsement. And, no, TSG does not have any compromising photos of "Danny Beerseed" to force us to publish this.

The Shin Guardian has been a fantastic friend to the Free Beer Movement and the least we can do is implore our readers to check out their site and please, please vote for them for the 2010 "Best of US Soccer Awards".

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