Monday, December 13, 2010

Photo Essay: Texas Craft Brewers Mini-Festival at Black Star Pub and Brewery Co-op

The Free Beer Movement had the privilege to check out the Texas Craft Brewers Mini-Festival this weekend. The event was held during the grand opening weekend of the Black Star Pub and Brewery Cooperative in Austin, Texas. A dozen local breweries were on hand including some established names and few very exciting upstarts in the Austin-area craft brewing business.

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Jeff, head brewmaster, of the new Jester King Brewery.

Saint Arnold (Houston, TX)

He shouldn't be wearing that hat. He just looks stupid.

Soon to be in production, Austin Beer Works. Brewing craft beer in cans!

Edible Austin lady who put on the event as a part of Edible Austin's "Eat Local Week".

Interior of the Black Star Co-op.

I'd tap that...

Independence Brewing Co. (Austin, TX) Strong Pale Ale

Kinko's or E-Trade logo? You decide. Black Star in the background.

Zoro got him on the arm.

Live Oak Brewing Co. (Austin, TX) had their IPA and Weizenbock on tap.

Indepedence Brewing Co. brought as special cask of some super coffee porter stuff.

Two of Black Star's house beers: Recalcitrant Dockhand and High Esteem. 

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