Tuesday, December 21, 2010

VIDEO - Donovan's Goal Vs. Algeria Voted ESPN's "Best Play of 2010"

Oh! That goal.... Now, we remember.
So ESPN's "SportsNation" (a show where the collective sports-world rabble speaks their minds) hosted a contest for the "Best Sports Play of 2010" and LD10's game-saving, epic goal against Algeria was thrown up in the bracket. Even got a number one seed. Now, the cynical part of me thinks ESPN and their notorious soccer hating seeded the goal so high just so it could get upset.

But the soccer gods would not have it. Facing the fourteen seed, a Blake Griffin dunk (a Cinderella story, for sure), Donovan's goal withstood the challenge and won "Best Play of 2010".

Check out the clip. There's some other great goals from South Africa along with a great "USA!" USA!" chant from the five members of the studio audience.

Here's the link to ESPN: http://es.pn/epNoEH (sorry we had to disable the embedded clip on the site.. it was f-ing up things)

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