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Who We're Buying A Beer For...

The one thing we love more than drinking beer and watching some soccer is being able to share said beer with people. We do it all the time and so do the fine men and women that subscribe to the of the Free Beer Movement Philosophy. We share our beer with our friends, family, and co-workers who desperately need some education on the soccer front to understand the passion that drives our connection to the sport of soccer.

Some people already get it and they're working day in and day out to improve the atmosphere in the U.S. for soccer. Those people or groups deserve some recognition and we only know one way to say thanks.

A beer on us.

Each week we serve up a healthy dose of brewskies for the individuals and organizations that are building a foundation for soccer in America. Hey... kinda like us at the FBM!

Yeah... most of this is literary flourish, but if we were to ever run into one of our honorees, we'd be obligated to let them know that their next drink is on the Free Beer Movement. And we'd hope, dear readers, if you ever ran into one of the ladies or gentlemen you'd let 'em know the FBM owes them a beer (or better yet pick up a drink for them and send us a picture and the tab!)


By Ryan Rosenblatt / Senior Los Angeles Correspondent

It is not rare for politicians to take a spin on the soccer carousel, but it is in the United States. Sure, President Obama tried his “I support West Ham” thing, but who really bought that? No one. There just aren’t a lot of politicians around these parts who have hopped on the soccer bandwagon, but there is one in Massachusetts who has and he’s even painted it red, white and blue. 

For that, the man deserves a beer.

Senator Downing speaking to some mucky-mucks wishing
he was at his AO Chapter bar with a PBR instead.
(Photo Credit: Sen. Downing's website)
We’re buying a beer for Massachusetts State Senator Benjamin Downing , a man who has embraced American soccer and not just as a casual observer. Downing has is all in.  

Let’s check out the tale of the tape as we evaluate his credentials:

·         * American Outlaws Adams members can attest to his being a regular at the chapter’s watch parties, where he can be found sitting at the bar and chanting along. He shows up wearing his U.S. scarf and is quick to put a PBR in hand.

·        *  He’s a PBR man (keep this is mind when you buy the man his beer).

·        *  He’s an everyday Yank. The man owns a Landon Donovan Everton shirt. He has touted the possible move of Edson Buddle to Everton, his adopted club because of the American presence.

·       *  Soccer, the U.S. and Everton specifically, are regular subjects on his Tweeter machine, including gems like, “Email from fiancee,subject ‘Maybe #USMNT or #Everton?’ Bride makes her own Man City wedding dress.”

·        *  Downing has used his Twitter to advertise for AOAdams, telling his followers that he’ll be at watch parties and encouraging others to come out.

·         * He’s keeping an eye out for MLS, joining in on the #ICareAboutMLS hashtag to push for the Revs to get a soccer-specific stadium.

Just assume he's recruiting Biden
to come to the next watch party.
We all know that President Obama is all on the Chicago sports bandwagon, but has he shown any affection for the Fire? Where was then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “go, Yanks, go” as he did with the Chargers? I don’t remember former President Bush showing up for the first kick at an FC Dallas match.

Then there is Downing, who doesn’t just support soccer with a wave from a suite at a match here or an acknowledgement that a bunch of kids play the sport here. He lives soccer. He lives American soccer just like you and me. He lives it on Saturday mornings watching Everton and at the PNA Bar along with the rest of the AO Adams chapter.

Downing is all aboard the soccer bandwagon and he’s trying to bring others along with him. That he has a platform to do it just makes it all the better. This man has earned his beer. Next election day, Downing won’t have my vote seeing as I am not a Massachusetts resident, but he can have a beer or six on me (a PBR to be specific).

Do us a favor and say thanks to Senator Downing for his support of American soccer through his Twitter account and let him know if you ever run into him you'll buy him a beer.

About Ryan

When not posting about adoracute animals posing with soccer balls, or flying about the country taking in USMNT matches, Ryan Rosenblatt deigns to cover MLS matches for SB Nation Soccer. The lollipop of Soccer, Rosenblatt's got a flavor that will appease anyone: coverage of the US national team? You got it. Stepping in to write about the Eredivisie? I bet you can't even spell the Dutch League correctly. Mocking Arsenal fans? It might not show up on the front page, but it's almost certain there's a running dialogue in this Spurs' supporter's head.
Rosey is also silly enough to be a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but that shouldn't make you take his soccer writing any less seriously.

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