Friday, January 13, 2012


Feeling a bit misty for South Africa? Maybe hear Landon Donovan's goal call one more time from Ian Darke? "One Goal USA" just released the official trailer for their 2010 World Cup film, "LADUMA".
"Millions of people worldwide watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup on television, as Spain won the first ever soccer World Cup to be played on the African continent. But few have witnessed this untold story of the World Cup EXPERIENCE, shown through the eyes of American soccer supporters partaking in the World's greatest celebration.
This documentary is not about just one person. It's an experiential film about how two countries and two cultures were impacted by the Beautiful Game. This is the story of how soccer united the South African people against Apartheid, and how the sport brought Americans together in the magical summer of 2010."

We spread the love of Beautiful Game in the USA by making soccer films, and we're just getting started. HELP US GROW by following us on Twitter and Facebook and sharing this video.

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