Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FBM DrinkWear - Our Scarves Available Again!

They're baaaaaaaack!

After a unexpected layoff our Free Beer Movement scarves are back in stock! Our friends at Ruffneck Scarves are again our supplier and the case landed on the front porch of FBM HQ this afternoon.

Our scarves are 100% acrylic and Ruffneck Scarves is all USA (Seattle, WA)! If you own the most current American Outlaws scarf or any other recent Ruffneck scarf, our new FBM ones are made just like them. They're just slightly different in color from the original scarves from this summer. A darker brown and a paler yellow.

How can you get your hands on one of these beauts?

The FBM is about as mom and pop as it gets so we're all PayPal-enabled (someday we'll get a real storefront with our own beer, koozies, bottle openers... whatever) for your convenience (or not).

The scarves are just $25 each and that includes shipping from your friendly neighborhood Unites States Postal Serviceman (or woman).

Just head over to PayPal.com and send a payment to "freebeermovement@gmail.com".

Make sure you include your full name and mailing address so, you know, you actually get it in the mail.

Thanks, as always, for your support of the Free Beer Movement!

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