Monday, January 30, 2012

VIDEO - LADUMA Official Trailer

Relive the 2010 World Cup through this amazing documentary by One Goal. Their film project followed the American Outlaws (and other American soccer fans) to South Africa. Their footage shows the amazing passion for soccer in the United States and the future for the sport in this country.

But "LADUMA" is more than just an American soccer film, but a tale of soccer in South Africa as well.

The film is currently being screened in theaters across the country. Get in touch with the awesome guys behind "LADUMA" through email ( and Twitter: @OneGoalUSA.

What is "LADUMA"?

"LADUMA" is the story of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, told through the eyes of adventurous American soccer supporters who traveled to South Africa to experience the first ever World Cup on the African continent. It is also about South Africa's long journey from a land suffering through the injustices of apartheid to a richly diverse nations that represents what the sport of soccer - and the world - is all about."

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