Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Feature - "Snorting the Endline": Celebrating Goal Celebrations

A long, long time ago we tried to start a soccer website; thought we were writers or something....

It was called "Snorting the Endline" named after Robbie Fowler's infamous goal celebration and one of our favorites of all-time. That site failed miserably. I mean who would want to read our ramblings!?!?!

The name, however, will live on in a new feature we're bringing to the Free Beer Movement. American soccer culture is just as much about what happens on the field and some of the greatest contributions to this culture are the creative celebrations that occur during the aftermath of scoring a goal. Some are premeditated while others are spur-of-the-moment.

We want to capture all of them in recognition of their contribution to American soccer culture. Welcome to "Snorting the Endline."

Today we're featuring a pair of creative celebrations from Saturday's U.S. Women's National Team 3-0 victory against Colombia.

First up... Megan Rapinoe's "Born in the USA" rendition. The second goal of the match. Springsteen definitely shouldn't worry about being outsung...

Second is the entire Lady Nats' celebration after Heather O'Reilly's 12th minute opening strike. Local U.S. military families from a nearby base were invited to watch the National Team train the day before and many were in attendance at the match in Heidelberg, Germany. The women lined up and saluted the crowd.

The pic from Getty Images:

Perfectly patriotic for this Fourth of July weekend.

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  1. Hahahaha! This is also one of my faves. I remember the media being all up in arms and speculating what his punishment would be (much like Rooney's F bomb in the camera.). Houllier tried to play it off by saying that Fowler wasn't snorting the line, but "eating the grass," because they called Everton grass eaters, and the celebration was some sort of inside joke! Of course nobody bought that excuse.

  2. Houllier also said that "eating the grass" came from some African ceremony he learned from someone else on the squad!


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