Friday, July 15, 2011

FBM Drinkin Songs - The Megan Rapinoe Song

Because sometimes you need something to listen to while you drink we present "FBM Drinkin' Songs". This series will... ahem... explore the musical side of soccer and beer.

"Megan Rapinoe, I went to the casino, and put a bet on you..." opens this hilarious tribute song to USWNT super-sub and midfield Megan Rapinoe (first seen on "The Shin Guardian")

We wish this World Cup would never end. It's been sold gold in the content department. We've had some great goals, some great celebrations, and some great light-hearted moments as well. Particularly the last area where these ladies definitely take the game seriously, but can step back a little bit and have some fun. Rapinoe and USMNTer Stu Holden might have a "hair off!"

Would you see many players in the men's World Cup having so much fun?

Rapinoe herself is a bit of an artist herself. She's been known to bring her guitar on USWNT road trips (she talked about it and sang for Studio 90) and during the group stages she belted out "Born in the USA!" after her goal against Colombia.

The ultimate super group if we could get her fanboys and her together!

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