Thursday, July 7, 2011

VIDEO - "Shine On: Episode Two" Documenting Division Two's NSC Minnesota Stars

Think media coverage of Major League Soccer in your area is poor? Try being a second division team. The Austin Aztex played in the FBM's backyard last season (before chasing the almighty dollar to Orlando) and local media coverage of the team was scant to say the least.

So kudos to North American Soccer League's NSC Minnesota Stars for taking it upon themselves to produce and promote a series that takes a behind-the-scenes look that the team and the players.

Brave New Media (based in Minneapolis) committed to making a series of videos (and helping build the Stars new website) in order to recruit a new set of owners for the Stars who are currently owned by the league itself.

Deeper looks into the life and times of local, American soccer is just what the sport needs to connect with their customers. For soccer fans in America part of the appeal of the world's game is the beauty and grandeur of far off people and places, but for teams like the Stars to survive (or teams like the Aztex to stick around) there needs to be an intimate and personal link between the team and its fans.

From the NSC Minnesota stars website:
"Shine On is the story of the 2011 NSC Minnesota Stars.
The lifestyle of Division 2 soccer in the NASL is all about heart. From trying to make the major leagues to just playing for the love of the game, we'll chronicle these players and coaches throughout this long season as this team, organization and community battle to establish themselves in the growing world of American soccer."
Video series like "Shine On" provide that chance for fans to connect with their local team in a way that they never could with an overseas club. Not only do you meet players, coaches, and a team trying to live the life of professional soccer... you could ACTUALLY meet them. Their stories are our stories and the support that you give them at their local stadiums are then all the more genuine.

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