Monday, July 4, 2011

Phun With Photoshop - Happy Independence Day!

"So where do you guys want to get lunch after this? I know a great Philly cheese steak place...."
Happy Fourth of July! Take a moment to honor this great nation and all the people who have helped make this place the great country that it is.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Sunil Gulati....

Without America we don't have American soccer to call our own and help build it one beer at a time. That's the real takeaway from this all, for sure.

These old gems come from our "Soccer War of Independence 2010" gallery before the England-USMNT World Cup clash, but they seemed still very relevant on today, our Independence Day.

Our old crest even makes a rare appearance on these paintings! How far we've come.

Hey we could've run Bill Pullman's speech from ID4 again if you prefer....

"Tim Howard Denies Wayne Rooney"

"Yankee Doodle Landy and Co. Take Out David Beckham"

"Bradley Crosses the Deleware"

"Bradley and Donovan Accept Fabio Capello's Surrender (with John Terry) at Saratoga"

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  1. Very iconic images in portrait. Had the camera been around, the moments would have been immortalized in photo.

  2. I love taking photos using my favorite camera among the different digital cameras available today, the Sony TX55. This camera takes great and crisp photos. I am not good at editing photos but I am trying to learn the basic ones. I love the idea of changing the heads to make these photos more funny but compelling.


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