Friday, July 1, 2011

VIDEO - Kicking and Screening Film "Sivan" Trailer

The 2011 Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival beings July 20th and several high-profile flicks will make their world and/or New York premiere (which we authored a drinking guide for), but the one movie that really caught our eye is "Sivan".

"Sivan" is a documentary short shown on the festival's opening night. The 13-minute film follows not the action on the field, but one fan and her movements and emotions throughout the entire match. Given our fascination with supporters in the United States this movie caught our eye.

The movie is described as such:
"Sivan is a documentary video piece which diverge the gaze away from the players' movements on a soccer field, focusing instead on the facial expressions of a single viewer. Turning the camera away and fixing it on an individual character amidst the crowd serves to lure the viewer into the real drama of the event, which takes place discretely inside the mind of every fan in the gallery. There is something primal on the verge of primitive in the soccer arena. Sivan suggests a quick yet deep glance on Human Nature. Sivan exists in the tension between the cinematic means that make up a structured experience and a more distant gaze that keeps the questions of authenticity and individual expression open. From within this suspense the video invites us to look at the act of looking itself."
Here's the trailer for "Sivan" by Israel director Zohar Elefant:

Trailer "Sivan" - Emmentaler Filmtage 11 from Emmentaler Filmtage on Vimeo.

If you're in New York between July 20 and 23 get your tickets to Kicking and Screening.

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