Friday, July 15, 2011

FBM DrinkWear - Umbro's "Cosmos For A Blackout"

On July 13, Brazilian Carlos Alberto Torres arrived in New York City in the midst of a blackout. Not just any blackout, but the infamous 1977 blackout that was marked by extreme violence and looting in the Big Apple. Quite the warm welcome for Pele's former teammate at Santos FC, a member of the 1970 World Cup winning side, and widely regarded as one of the games best defenders. His goal in the 1970 Cup Final is often named "the greatest ever World Cup goal".

Torres had come to NYC to join Pele again, and other international greats Giorgio Chinalgli, and Franz Beckenbauer, to play for the Cosmos. This trifecta of soccer greats would help lead the Cosmos to the 1977 Soccer Bowl and etch their names, and the club, into American soccer history.

While the Cosmos may or may not become Major League Soccer's twentieth (or later) franchise, the club has wasted little time since it's resurrection in August 2010. Pele was named honorary president at the team's re-launch, Eric Cantona was brought on a "Director of Soccer" and former USMNTer Cobi Jones as his deputy.

Lastly, New York Cosmos branded merchandise has been rolling out faster than their press releases.

Their latest line of Cosmos-wear is designed by Umbro and was inspired by Alberto Torres arrival in New York City during the 1977 blackout called, "Cosmos for a Blackout".

A cool video from Umbro with Carlos Alberto Torres telling the story of his arrival on the day of the blackout:

Umbro Blackout from Buck on Vimeo.

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