Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sights And Sounds - USMNT Versus Guadeloupe

Capping off a week in Kansas City the Free Beer Movement took in the last of the first round Gold Cup games where surprisingly the U.S. National Team found itself in a "put-up-or-shut-up" match against the tiny island nation of Guadeloupe. 

For the U.S. supporters group, the American Outlaws KC became the site of the closest ever Nats match to its Lincoln, Nebraska roots so the fans we're out in full force as AO members from all across the nation converged.

Tuesday's tailgate and match also meant the debut of the FBM scarf to the general public... to much fanfare.

Check out the sights and sounds from all the action of the USMNT game including video (below) from the AO march to the stadium and the National Anthem from under the flag.

FBM fans flashing the colors.

SuperFan Dutka in attendance.

Colorful characters!

FBM swag.

Kegs galore.

Packed house.
DuNord (navy shirt), TIAS (Adam Spangler in v-neck white shirt), and MLS Insider (black shirt with back to camera)

Left, right, left.

Nice banner!

Lining up for the anthem.

Dempsey's free kick is knocked over the bar.

Phew... made it!

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