Monday, June 20, 2011

Adventures in Modelo Especial's Shootout With Clint Dempsey

We stumbled across this beer and American soccer marketing gem and couldn't resist having a little fun with it. Found while reading a banner ad caught our eye, "Modelo Especial Shootout with Clint Dempsey."

Hey! We love beer! We love the Deuce! First though was... do you think the Dempsey used to sling back Modelos with his bros in Nacogdoches?

Even if he didn't we're willing to bet that his sister wedding last weekend was fully stocked by Modelo.

On to the game!

Dempsey appears on screen with a funky beat (and some sweet threads... think that's DryFit?) that will quickly get tiring (particularly as he starts kicking our ass). We'd like to imagine that Deuce approved the beat with the marketing guys.

Demps: "Yeah that's dope!" He starts a little free-styling and it quickly gets awkward among the all-white, 50+ group of men in the boardroom.

Clint welcomes us to the "Modelo Especial Shootout". Thanks Clint!

Things immediately take a turn South when Dempsey wastes no time in throwing down the challenge, "Think you have what it takes?"

Adding a wink to make it extra intimidating. 

Now we're questioning our abilities, but we'll keep positive.

We enter the arena.... which arena we're not sure. Either way we're happy that Modelo has secure real grass and apparently lure 60,000 for this marquee match up.

Bam! Game on. We're ready to show Dempsey that this will be just like shooting on pal Tim Howard, but we'd better read up on "How To Play" first. Click.... nothing! Oh nos! Oh well... how hard could this be?

Before you know it... Deuce has shed all those shanks from the Guadeloupe match and we're looking more like Robert Green.

You'd think that Dempsey would be all Southern Gentleman about it, but he just keeps pouring on the pain. Words hurt!

"You don't look so good? You feeling OK?" he taunts us each time he lashes in a free kick. Each goal punctuated with his trademark kiss and point to the sky.

He is unstoppable.

"Seriously? You can't even get one? You gonna go home with a goose egg?" he pours on the hate. There's that wink again!

Please Clint... we're embarrassed enough.

But know we're not going home with a goose egg. Let's do this.

(Cue whole day wasted)

Give it a shot yourself.

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  1. "How to Play" is up!

  2. I rung the Deuce up for 390. Thanks for the link - going to need to move some meetings this afternoon...

  3. Tried to play even after the directions part was fixed. Impossible to stop a shot with a touch pad mouse.

    I've never been very good at video games anyways...

  4. Tim Howard’s reaction "Clint Dempsey should be ashamed of himself. I think it was a [expletive] disgrace that the entire advertising campaign is about a Mexican beer. You can bet your ass that if we were in Mexico City they wouldn’t be selling American beer.


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