Friday, June 3, 2011

"Ask What You Can Brew For Your Country"

My fellow American soccer fans....

There comes a time in every soccer fan's life when they must ask him or herself, "Have I done enough to further the sport in my country?" For millions if not billions of people around the world the answer is a resounding "yes" and the task is done. Soccer has established itself as a cultural bulwark and the passion of a people in dozens of countries.

Soccer has circled the globe and landed on the noble shores of the United States and the sport is now asking its fans here this question.

The question is not if you are sufficiently passionate about your club team or national team. The question is not whether you have traveled the country or the world to support them. The question is upon us all to go even further in our commitment to American soccer where open up our hearts and wallets to treat a soccer newbie to a free beer.

There are millions of us, American soccer fans, but there are millions more of them, non-soccer fans, in the wilderness, waiting to be brought into the fold. The Euro-fan, the one who comes around only during the World Cup, the casual sports fan, the soccer novice... all ripe for conversation and conversion. It starts with one beer.

It was once said that America couldn't land a man on the moon, but the man above made us dream about that prospect and set in motion the pieces that made Neil Armstrong's moment possible. It was also been said that soccer has no place in the United States; that it is a sport played by children and foreigners.

Our country and its people must know that WE ARE AN AMERICAN SOCCER NATION. We are not here to displace baseball and apple pie, football and hamburgers, or basketball and popcorn... we are here to join in the great American spectacle of professional sports.

American soccer has given so much to us. The highs and lows of being a fan of both club and country. For many it has given purpose to our lives where before we wandered lost. We now have a fledging domestic league where less than two decades ago we had nothing. We've hosted the World Cup, we've tasted glory with our women's national teams, and pushed our men's team up against the world's best time and time again.

It is time that our sport ask a little more of us and we ask more of ourselves. "Ask not what your American soccer can do for you, but ask what you can brew for your country."

Grab a friend, a family member, a co-worker and bring them to the next match at the local stadium. Invite them to your local watering hole where the national team is on, or simply have them over to your house to entertain them with the world's game. Most importantly, treat them to a beer and an educational experience.

We've spent our hard earned dollars on season tickets, jerseys, and foam fingers to show our love of this sport and so we certainly can spend just a few more on a cold beer for a few curious individuals wondering what is soccer in America.

It's the Free Beer Movement way and it's the way we can "Build American Soccer One Beer at a Time".

Thank you and God bless American soccer.

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