Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just in Case You Need More Evidence of Clint Dempsey's Awesomeness

If anything is remembered in soccer history from last night's match between the United States and Canada it won't be because it was both National Team's Gold Cup opener or the first win in America's march to reclaiming CONCACAF's title, or even Jozy Altidore finally finding the net after MONTHS.

No, it will be for this little bit of audacity from the man from Nacogdoches, Texas, Clint Dempsey and his attempted scorpion kick of a deflected cross. He even managed to get a corner kick out of it.

While, just like in the movies, the original is always better, Dempsey's creativity, desire, and passion to play makes him the most fun, fascinating, and, sometimes, frustrating player to watch on the USMNT.

In the end, though, its attempts like these that show his head is in the game and, above else, he just wants this game more than a lot of players. That's certainly not meant as criticism to the people he shared the field with, but there's no comparison to a Deuce that "wants it".

There's was to be no denying the playmaking midfielder. In the 62nd, with the same focus and little bit extra that separates Dempsey from the pack, he got the goal he was looking for.

Another "above and beyond" effort from Clint on Altidore's pass to snag the ball before it passed him by and he was able to tally his first 2011 Gold Cup goal.

This is why my first kid (boy or girl) will be named "Dempsey" (no joke... wife signed off on it).

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