Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Beer Movement in Action - 50 Free Beers!

Rochester Rhinos Stadium

Editor's Note: We LOVE to hear about your Free Beer Movement in action. Whenever and wherever you're buying beers to bring the beautiful game to soccer newbies we want to here it. Send your stories to us at freebeermovement(at) We'll even send you one of our FBM stickers for your troubles!

From Robert Elder / Rochester, NY

"Your movement might be the best thing since sliced bread! Every single time I implement it in our American Outlaw chapter home bar or at any other soccer specific event it brings people together.

My latest use of the Free Beer movement was at our local Rochester Rhinos game. It was $1 beer night at the stadium and who does not like a $1 beer? Well 50 lucky people standing behind me were ecstatic when they found out their $1 was a free beer. As each person came up I was there to welcome them and thank them for coming to the game.

I also then proceeded to invite them to the USMNT game vs Guadeloupe in an effort to turn their night into a really special event. I have to assume it worked because I lost count of all the USA fans at the bar that night. The place was rocking and the Rochester guys delivered in a big way but it all started with some free beer at the local Rhinos game.

Like I said... best thing since sliced bread!"

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  1. What was the $1 beer? Genesee Cream Ale (one of my favorites)?

  2. Not sure.. we tried to check their site and see, but no dice.


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