Friday, March 26, 2010

Those Bastards at The Guardian!

No, wait! Not our friends at "The Shin Guardian". Whew... dodged a bullet there. Almost lost an ally. And in this cut-throat world of American soccer media you need those. Like how we just made ourselves apart of the legitimate American soccer media there. Probably didn't even notice. Snuck it right it there on ya. Now its been said. We're in.

Anyways... the "bastards" we're speaking of are the ones at the England's "The Guardian" newspaper. Why such anger at some stuffy old rag from across the pond, you ask?

Because they're filthy stealers!

First the go and steal "The Shin Guardian's" stuff!

TSG (left) and The Guardian (Right)

Then they came for us.

A few months back we put our super-sweet (note: not super-sweet) Photoshop skills to use and created a little bit of brilliance. This bad boy:

Yeah. Pretty awesome huh? We've got a whole lot more where that came from, too.

Well, The Guardian must have thought they were pretty awesome also and so they went ahead a COPIED the idea for some stupid series on England's injury problems.

Wanna see the proof?

The similarities are un-mistakable. What you don't see it?

War? Check. Beckham getting canned? Check. US on the attack (not pictured, but one could assume!)? Check.

Bastards! This means war, course!

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  1. Um, if this isn't yet another reason to eviscerate England this June, what is? (er, besides the next round)


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