Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"America! Fuck Yeah!" USA - Netherlands Game Day Edition

Obligatory image of crushed orange. We're looking at you, Holland!

Skip work. Take a long lunch. Call in sick. Quit.

Do something to get out of whatever it is that you normally do and watch today's U.S. National Team game against the "Total Football" Orange Machine Holland. As an American soccer fan these are the games that we're supposed to get for. They define our fandom.

A meaningless international friendly? Not one featuring most of the members of both national squads South Africa-bound World Cup squads. The United States playing in Europe against one of the top five teams in THE ENTIRE WORLD? Sign us up!

A reason to have a few (or more) cold ones on a Wednesday afternoon? Say no more.

As an American soccer fan you have a patriotic duty to report to a bar filled with like-minded fans. Feeling like serving the call of duty further? Grab a few soccer newbies, too. A fellow burnt out co-worker, you worthless roommate that doesn't usually leave the couch in between class, the cat that just sits on the window sill. We don't care. These games are signature American soccer and Free Beer Movement days.

Days where we get to show off our American soccer pride with... um.... pride!

It's game day here at the Free Beer Movement, which means we wish our boys good luck and send all of our lovely readers elsewhere in the soccer Inter-web-blog-o-sphere.


Cause we don't do news. We do drinking and America loving and we do it during soccer... no sense and pretending we're going to have any professional insight to hand out here.

If you're looking for quality coverage of today's massive match up between the United States and the Netherlands check out these links:

- The Shin Guardian's "Preview" and "Oranje Slices: Game Day Post"

- That's On Point's "Netherlanding Story"

And since we couldn't decide on which orange-related image to include in this post we're doubling up and dropping this one, too.

Get it? Orange Crush! We're creative!

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