Monday, March 22, 2010

Who We're Buying a Beer For...

We've got a real cosmopolitan group of beer honorees this week for all you loyal readers. From rap moguls, to government administrators, to bricks and mortar we've got it all here for you at the Free Beer Movement.

First off is the modern renaissance man Mr. P. Diddy aka Sean Combs. Rapper, producer, fashion designer and now, maybe, owner of Crystal Palace FC. According to several reports out of the British press (and a few domestic sources) the formerly named "Puffy Daddy Diddle Do" is looking to help out the cash strapped and administration-threatened club.

We're not entirely in favor of having sports team become the playthings of American millionaires (or from any country for that matter), but having such a high profile owner, as long as run responsibly (which from the sounds of how Palace has been run so far ANYTHING would be better) could help raise the profile of the sport in America. Which is, of course, what we're all about.

And let's face it (prepare yourselves for a bit of an aside) American soccer could use a little more P Diddy in its life. We're sorry.... but if you have to choose the metrosexual, probably Robbie Williams-listening, David Beckham as the "hip" face of American soccer or the diamonds and Cristal world of Diddy we're going to come down on the side of the rap star.

American soccer, despite the great stories of Altidore, Davies, Howard, Onyewu, and other black players lacks the draw in an African-American community dominated by basketball. Any in-roads down this path is a positive step forward. Coming from an un-hip white guy, we'd take some hip-hop culture in the game. This is a good start as well.

Beer? Cristal (how appropriate!)? What's your poison P Diddy? It's on the FBM.

From the top of the charts to the backrooms and boardrooms of Washington DC comes a beer for Federal mediator George H. Cohen (standing behind Don Garber in light gray suit) who was the keystone in the Major League Soccer owners and Players' Union finding agreement to avoid a work stoppage the week the League was supposed to kick off its 15th season.

The Obama appointee was brought in last week to be the glue that binds and he worked his mediating magic to bring the two sides back from the brink. What seemed like an impossible situation a few short days ago came to a satisfying resolution Saturday afternoon.

So while the federal government is getting shat all over week in and week out American soccer fans have one thing to thank the paper pushers in DC about; a domestic soccer season brought back from the brink.

Don't even know if this pencil neck drinkings, but we'll meet up with him at Molly Malone's with the rest of DC United's Barra Brava to buy him a few rounds.

Lastly, this week saw the grand opening of the new jewel in the soccer specific stadium crown of Major League Soccer, New York Red Bulls' Red Bull Arena. We're not sure if buildings drink beer, but maybe we'll just poor a few out at the front gate.

Even the New York Times' George Vecsey was impressed and recently that publication has been on the FBM's shit list. We're glad that rag cleaned up its act. Now we can focus on the Washington Post and douche-hole Chad Norman

For as disappointing as New York has been as a MLS franchise (minus their Cinderella run to the Cup Final the year before) it is good to see such positive investment in soccer in the Big Apple.

A worldly city finally gets the world's game. And as much as people mock the purchase of the side by the energy drink, Red Bull, there's no way this stadium gets built without their money. So hats off to them... even if you turned a team into a walking billboard. That's cool.

Check out this great video from opening night, a 3-1 victory over Pele's former and Robinho's current Brazilian side, Santos.

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