Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now Available: Free Beer Movement T-Shirts from

Ladies and gentlemen... this is what you've been waiting for! Well... maybe not, but it's still kinda cool. The Free Beer Movement has teamed up with, a great soccer-specific T-shirt company, to release the OFFICIAL shirt of the Movement.

What better way to confess you love and devotion to the Movement that is "Building American Soccer One Beer at a Time" than by purchasing one of these beauties?

How will owning a FBM shirt change your life? We've already heard from early purchases of this awesome shirt that they're experienced improved higher grades at school, pay raises at work, a better sex life, and, now...this is just an unconfirmed rumor... penile growth into the double digits.

The shirt features the brand-new Free Beer Movement crest on a cranberry colored American Apparel shirt. All of this was done and designed by our buddy and American Outlaws Baltimore chapter head, Eric.

Check it out:

Oh wait... you wished there was something on the back to REALLY tie the whole shirt together?


Head on over to and be the first on your block with the new Free Beer Movement T-shirt.

Seriously... we don't even have one yet!

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