Friday, March 5, 2010

Viernes (Friday) Video: 723 Football Films

Out of seemingly no where came the production group, 723 Football Films as they've loaded YouTube up with a series of fantastic U.S. Men's National Team videos.

One of their first productions was "The Speech"

Alongside that fire-in-the-pants-of-an-American-soccer-fan comes a series of "goalographies" of Nationa lTeam players.

Landon Donovan:

Clint Dempsey:

And "feature" videos of Jozy Altidore and Brian McBride:

There are several more "goalographies" on 723 Football Films YouTube Channel including Brian Ching, Eddie Johnson, Carlos Bocanegra and DaMarcus Beasley's tallies for the Yanks.

Looking forward to all the great videos these guys will put together before June.

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  1. Out of all those players I think the only one who is subject to serious "fan divide" is, unfortunatly cus he's a badass player by ay ons standards, Mr. Mcbride. (See the opinions of Colombus/Chicago supporters on him for proof of this.)



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