Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Video: Major League Soccer "First Kick" Promo

There was no "Viernes (Friday) Video" last week (sorry we were busying penning this beauty of a take-down on the New York Times which was also featured on Match Fit USA) so we'll throw a little "Tuesday Video" at you.

Major League Soccer kicks-off (pun intended) its 15th season this Thursday as the Seattle Sounders host the expansion side Philadelphia Union at 8:30 pm (Central Time) on ESPN2.

We're pleased as punch that the League and the Players' Union was able to come to an 11th hour agreement as to avoid a work stoppage and we can all just get excited for the upcoming domestic season.

This is the first full MLS season that the Free Beer Movement will have been in existence so we're doubly excited about the prospect of our members ("Free Beer Movers") sharing their stories and pictures of soccer conversion of "newbies" across this great nation.

So when you're out at matches all season remember to grab some newbies and buy them a beer.

Spread American soccer, one beer at a time!

Here's the ESPN commercial:

MLS First Kick 2010 Commerical from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

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