Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Your Beer of Choice?

Hey, Free Beer Movers (yup, that's what we're calling you all now... get used to it). It has been a slow week here at the site and while we're working on some big things behind the scenes we just wanted to touch base with everyone who's stopping by.

The FBM is always looking for tasty new brews to sample while catching our American soccer on the Tee Vee. So, a quick question for our readers:

What's your beer (or other drink) of choice when sitting down for a footie game?

Leave all of your suggestions in the comments section for us and others to take stock in.


  1. Dos Equis lager, always. (Yes, even when the USMNT plays El Tri.) Stay thirsty, my friends.

  2. Newcastle. The beer, not the football team. One is great, the other is not so much.

  3. John Smith's Extra Smooth. It's a beer that I had in London but cannot find in the states.

    In the absence of Mr. Smith's brew, I usually drink Guiness or any Extra Pale Ale.

  4. Sam Adams Octoberfest


  5. My favorite has to be Guinness. Breakfest of champions ;) and nothing is more brilliant.

    BUT ,if there was one, an Austin Aztex beer would be my favorite regardless of flavor.

    Speeking of which Dan, drop us a line on our "Aztex Beer" thread on bigsoccer if your interested in helping us make RAW Ale a reality.



  6. I'm going to second the Newcastle choice. Another option would be a nice Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

  7. I'm fond of a Blue Moon, myself. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I'm also a Manchester City fan, and may be slightly biased.)

    Otherwise, I'd suggest you check out your local craft breweries, and whatever they might have on tap.

  8. Blue Moon, because I can get all four of my tailgater group to drink it without complaint.

    For me, Optimator from Spaten Munich

  9. I agree with Jesse. Sierra Nevada is tops, but I am also a big fan of New Glarus Spotted Cow.

  10. its Blue Moon, throw the little slice of orange in their sometimes makes it all the better. great beer.

  11. Red Hook, ESB, IPA
    or Alaskan Amber

    Yes, I'm from Seattle....

    Usually before a game it is one good beer, and then whatever piss bear on sale at the bar.


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