Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Beer Hangover

The Movement caught the USA v T & T game last night and are still feeling a bit sick about the performance. But we're not an analysis site, we're a promotion site (we love American soccer even if it has a poor game here or there), so enough of that...

We are looking for any photos or great stories from your viewing parties last night (or from the weekend) where you took someone new and introduced them to our beautiful game. E-mail us at:

Still looking for some words of wisdom following last night stinker? Good analysis can come from these guys:

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- Snorting the Endline

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  1. No one approached me at the Sweetwater about the Free Beer Movement, apparently Snorting the Endline doesn't have quite the reader-base that I was hoping. However, I met some cool people and enjoyed both the US and Mexico matches surrounded by many experienced and knowledgeable US Soccer fans which was nice for a change, plus with the two for one deal there I was able to spend $7.25 + tip and down four wonderful pints of some unnamed Extra Pale Ale.

    Though I wasn't able to get new people involved last night, I will certainly be heading back for the October 10th qualifier with some hopefully new friends in tow.

    Quote of the night: "Yeah, just look at his [Conor Casery's] face, he looks half retarded."

    Said to me by an older Englishman as I was order a round of brews. We began talking about my McBride jersey and how I support Fulham. He asked me what I thought of Dempsey and I told him that he doesn't look like he's trying hard but he's not a lazy as people say he is. To which the Brit brought up Conor Casey who also appears to not hustle enough for this guy's liking. To which I replied he's just slow (meaning lumbering ox type slow), and the guy replied with that pearl above.


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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