Monday, September 21, 2009

News Watch: Germans Continue to Love the Free Beer Movement

First it was Bayern Munich hosting their own "Free Beer Match Day" (What no pics guys? Shesh!).

Now it's Stuttgart's keeper Jens Lehmann (former German National Team and Arsenal #1) getting dropped by the first team because he attended Oktoberfest after a match this past weekend (thanks for Near Post Blog for the heads-up). What is with the Germans and free beer?

Much like Norm MacDonald's oft-quoted Saturday Night Live Weekend Update line "Germans love David Hasselhoff," I think pretty much everyone can agree that the Germans also love the Free Beer Movement (don't pay attention to the fact that we have no current German members).

I think that it's time the Free Beer Movement make Mr. Lehmann an "honorary" member of the Free Beer Movement for his actions this past week.

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