Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Recruit Frankie" Tracker

We're still waiting by the phone to hear from Frankie Hejduk about our offer to join the Free Beer Movement as our spokesperson (waiting....), but until the call comes in and we can begin negotiating a contract (we'll start at $0 and all the beer you can drink) we'll just follow his on-field exploits.

US National Team coach Bob Bradley didn't call up Frankie for this past week's crucial qualifiers against El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobogo and one could say it looked like the squad missed some veteran leadership to light the fire underneath the boys. Six points in two matches, but something was missing from the matches. Obviously, the Frankie factor.

Despite the squad snub, Frankie is still contributing to his Columbus side, right? Well, the Columbus Dispatch worries about Hejduk's age in a recent article asking whether the 36 year-old still has enough gas in his tank. Hejduk has missed 14 of the Crew's 23 matches to injury or USMNT duty. The article questions both Frankie's and designated player Guillermo Barros Schelotto's fitness and age, but mostly trashes their team's captain in the article. A bit of a low blow, we say, for someone who gave so much to the team last year and continue to do so when fully fit.

Side note: No mention of the Free Beer Movement's drive in the Dispatch article (yet).

In other Frankie news, a thread was started on Big Soccer (probably the sport's biggest web presence) about Mr. Hejduk and our quest to land him as our spokesperson. Looks like we have some strong support from Crew fans for his next big time gig.

At post time the FBM was still frantically checking their e-mail for the 100th time today to see if Frankie wrote back, but to no avail thus far. We'll still keep pushing though, but we need your help.

Don't forget, if you want to join in our quest to "Recruit Frankie," place our poster on your site and link back to the FBM:

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