Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion Feature: Objectivo Soccer T-Shirts

We here at the Free Beer Movement aren't above shameless plugs, especially when we feel as though we've got something good to share with our members and guests.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to Objectivo Soccer T-Shirts. Yesterday, they featured the FBM on their blog and we thought we could return the favor.

The problem with being a soccer fan sometimes is that we lack options for showing off our fandom. Of course we'll wear our team jersey with pride, but there's only so many days in a row that you can before someone starts complaining of the body odor locked in your 'dryfit' armpits. Warm-up jackets and BS walking-billboard "Nike Soccer" shirts (really... ask yourself; Is Nike advertising themselves or soccer? I think it's pretty clear.) hardly fill the void.

That's where Objectivo comes in. It gives both the soccer fan and the fashion fan an opportunity to show off their devotion to the sport. Their designs are creative and completely original, giving everyone a chance to show off their passion for their team, a player, or the sport in general.

Below are a few of our personal favorites. They've got a great line of US-centric team and player shirts and I can't think of any better conversation-starter than one of their "Jay, Jay from the USA" shirts.

Objectivo also has a great news and highlights blog attached to the store, so check that our too.

Link: Objectivo Soccer T-Shirts

P.S. Hey, Objectivo... feel free to send a shirt our way (cough, cough "join or die" cough, cough)!

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