Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Recruit Frankie" Petition and E-mail Campaign Kicks Off Today!

Dear Free Beer Movers and Fans,

Today, the Movement kicks off its drive to "Recruit Frankie" to convince USMNT player and Columbus Crew captain Frankie Hejduk to become our official spokesperson. Please read our post "The Case for Frankie" for further information as to why we seek Mr. Hejduk to join our Righteous cause.

Such a monumental undertaking cannot be done alone. We need need your help.

Please help us by doing the following:

1) Sign our online petition. We will eventually present this to Mr. Hejduk and Mr. Mitchell (see option #2) as evidence of the desire for Frankie to join us.

2) E-mail Shawn Mitchell, Columbus Crew beat reporter for the Columbus Dispatch with the following text:

"Dear Mr. Mitchell,

Next time you speak with Mr. Frankie Hejduk, please ask him about the Free Beer Movement and their campaign to "Recruit Frankie" to become their official spokesperson. Have Mr. Hejduk get in touch with the FBM by e-mailing them at:

Thank you for your help,

_____________ (your name here)"

3) Put our "campaign poster" on your site:

Let us know in the comments section, you've sent an e-mail to Mr. Mitchell or signed the petition so we can keep track of our supporters' numbers. Thanks for all your efforts!

Join the Movement! Recruit Frankie!


  1. I sent an email to Mitchell, and signed the petition. I'll also use my wife's email account to send one off and get my brother to do the same. So that makes another 3 people for this.

  2. I just added the petition to Let's up this number of signatures.


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