Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frankie Hejduk.... FBM Spokesperson?

Matthew over at "The Shin Guardian" pointed us in the direction of this video. It's Frankie Hejduk slamming a beer with Columbus Crew supporters before a match.

It just leaves me with one simple question: Frankie, will you be our spokesperson?

The Free Beer Movement is looking to recruit Frankie as our chief spokesperson. Clearly he's a beer lover and no one is questioning his commitment to American soccer (Remember.. he got slapped by that Mexican assistant coach after the Columbus qualifier?)

On the week of the World Cup qualifier against El Salvador (which sadly Frankie will not be apart of) we at the FBM think it is appropriate to approach Mr. Hejduk to take on this position.

The Free Beer Movement needs a visable, beer drinking, American soccer-loving face. We have chosen Mr. Hejduk. FBM members will you join us in recruiting him?

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