Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Answers to Some Very Good Questions

Biggy over at Constantly Offside asked us to answer a few questions about the Free Beer Movement and since we haven't articulated what we're all about in a post in quite some time, we thought it might be a good idea to cross post the questions and our answers right here on the FBM Blog.

Constantly Offside: How would you describe the Free Beer Movement?

Free Beer Movement: The FBM is an organization based on bringing under exposed American sports fans to soccer games (live and on TV) through the medium of free beer. It relies on the motivation of American soccer fans to take the time to educate and entertain their non-soccer fan friends and family. Converting them to the sport is the goal (no pun intended) and free beer is the social lubricant.

American soccer fans are already going to and watching games, we just want them to bring someone new, buy them a beer (or 10), and have those people give soccer a look where previously they might never have had the opportunity. Free beer just makes it easier. And maybe they'll walk away with an appreciation of the sport.

CO: What beer is generally purchases for a friend for soccer games?

FBM: Really, whatever the hell they want. Whatever gets them through the gates. I'm real partial to Indian Pale Ales, but its all about luring them, I'm already sold on the sport. That being said there's a handy beer-to-soccer-level conversion-chart on our site which stipulates how many beers you have to buy friends relative to the level of match you're watching (from World Cup to youth soccer).

In the end, the beer is the gateway drug of choice to see the soccer.

CO: If Frankie Hejduk was a beer, what would be be?

FBM: He'd be the most all-American beer in the world. And I can't really claim that beers like Miller or Budweiser are really all-American anymore since they're owned by global brewers now.

I mean this guy loves America. He loves soccer and he loves beer. His commitment to his teams both domestically and for the national team is absolute. That's why we want him as our spokesperson. He IS American soccer.

If he were a beer, he'd be in a red, white, and blue can with him riding a giant bald eagle with a soccer ball in his talons. And the beer would taste like heaven in a bottle.

CO: Why don't other people understand that the world would be a better place with both more beer and more soccer?

FBM: I think most people readily acknowledge that the world is better place with beer in it. It certainly makes life worth living. And most of the world considers the world a better place with soccer. It just about bridging those two beliefs for Americans.

I think that sometimes beer can make the average girl at the bar look pretty and right now American soccer is that average girl at the bar for most Americans. Put a few beers in you and she starts to look real good, you go over an talk to her, and then you find out she's really cool and now you're hooked. Beer is going to help soccer look at lot better to a lot of Americans (at least I hope) and next time when their sober they'll keep on giving it a chance.

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