Monday, November 23, 2009

Photo Essay: The Making of Aztex Amber Ale

Ever since the FBM decided to flee the country of Honduras because of their political problems and move to Austin, Texas we'd meticulously researched the local soccer scene.

We knew that where ever we moved when we returned to the US we were going to fully invest myself in the soccer opportunities that were available to us. Both Major League Soccer franchises, FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo were both about three hours away so it fell to the United Soccer League One's Austin Aztex.

This past season was their first in USL-1 and despite the on-going political and logistical difficulties the league and its rivals are facing, the club is looking forward to a positive 2010 season.

The FBM immediately hooked up with the local supporter's group for the Aztex, Chantico's Army and dove head first into recruit friends as fans of American and Austin soccer. Long-time followers of the site know that we've hosted several "Free Beer Match Days" for Aztex games and continue to look for more chances to work with the local soccer scene.

This weekend provided the perfect opening to combine the two loves of the FBM: beer and soccer. Chantico's Army is looking to expand its influence in the city of Austin and decided that brewing a team-centric beer might crack the divide between us as soccer fans and the larger Austin social scene.

Thus the idea of Aztex Amber Ale was conceived (our name suggestion by-the-way). That idea was put into motion this weekend when one of the members of Chantico's Army, Ed, who also happens to be great homebrewer made a preliminary batch of the "Triple A," as its called.

This batch is supposed to be ready about mid-December just in time for some holiday cheer in the void that is non-American soccer winter. We'll have a full run down on its (fingers-crossed) deliciousness).

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  1. beautiful, absolutly beautiful, and now I finally get a look at that poney keg drum u where talkin about on BS. ;P As Jose would say "Very Nice."



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