Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Essay: The Making of the FBM Bumper Sticker

You've seen the stickers on our fans (maybe a few cars?) and we've handed out a ton at the two Free Beer Match Days we've had since we got them, now you can see the "making of..." our Free Beer Movement Bumper Stickers.

Our "marketing director" Craig was kind enough to lend the services of the print company, Sign Satisfaction, where he works to print the stickers for us. We highly recommend them if you're in the Austin, TX area.

Craig converting the image for print.

It wouldn't be Free Beer Movement work without free beer!

Setting up the beast.

Rolling of the presses.

The cutting room.

Dan making precision-perfect cuts.

This is serious business, folks.

Get used to this shot. You'll be seeing all over the place!

I'm sure now you're left wondering, "How can I get my hands on one of these awesome stickers?" It's simple... just tell us your free beer stories.

We want to know how free beer has bridged the soccer gap for you and your friends. Write to us, send us your pictures, and we'll send you a FREE Free Beer Movement bumper sticker to put where ever you like. Hit us up at and your story could be the next on our site!

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  1. Who do we talk to about getting jersey sponsorhip size logos?


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