Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Beer Stories: MLS Playoffs in New England

From Midnight Revs:

Sunday, Nov 1st, All Saints Day... also known as Post Halloween Sugar Crash Day.

I was packing up the car to go to Foxboro to watch the New England Revolution take on the Chicago Fire in the first leg of the MLS Playoffs, and realized that my cooler was still full of beer from the night before. Halloween is always a big party in my neighborhood, and so I was well stocked to provide refreshment to those adults accompanying their kids out trick or treating. And it occurred to me - I should use my beer to aid the Free Beer Movement. So I sent out a post on Twitter, and headed down route 1 to Foxboro.

Heading to gillette for #revs. Will be there by 1:00.#freebeermovement will be in effect.@FreeBeerMovemnt

Now the tailgate party at Gillette Stadium is usually pretty well stocked with beer, even at Revolution games. And it was a pretty nice November day by New England Standards - Warm (meaning above 50 degrees) Sunny (i.e. NOT raining) and just a slight hint of Autumn (leaves stuck on your windshield wipers). I was hoping for a big crowd - but it never showed up. Maybe it was the fact that it was Sunday, and usually the Patriots are playing, or maybe there was a youth hockey tournament, or maybe everybody was just suffering from post Halloween meltdown disorder... but the crowd was minimal. The Midnight Riders of course showed up, and they were getting their rowdy faces on. Other small tailgating groups were already in full grill out mode - I broke out the cooler, made a quick sign, and let 'er rip.

Thanks to Midnight Revs for sharing his "Free Beer Match Day"! We'll be sending a Free Beer Movement bumper sticker his way for his efforts.

And you can get one too! Just send us your stories, pictures, and/or video showing how your free beer efforts are bringing people closer to American soccer. Next time you're off to a match grab a few friends, a case of beer, and good times will follow for sure. When the hangover is done, send us your tales!

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