Wednesday, November 18, 2009

America, Fuck Yeah: International Friendly Edition

Our boys in the red, white, and blue take to the pitch again today; this time from Aarhus, Denmark. And while we'd love to publish our game-day feature "Today's the Day", it seems a bit "over-the-top" for a test match at the end of 2009.

Television Note: Coverage begins at 2:25 EST / 11:25 PST on ESPNClassic. Upon the conclusion of the 2nd leg of the Ukraine / Greece WCQ which is being shown on ESPN2, the USMNT match will be simulcast on both ESPNClassic and ESPN2.

What we do hope for is a solid game against another World Cup-bound opponent, Denmark. Several of the USMNT regulars are away for Bob Bradley will tinker with the line-up to give a few other options the run out. And maybe FRANKIE HEJDUK!??!!?!

Before we get to into it, we have to remind you that we're not an analysis site (we're a American soccer loving and beer drinking site) and so we'll direct you to some people who actually know what they're talking about from a nuts-and-bolts perspective of this afternoon's match.

- The Shin Guardian, as always, has their Orange Wedges pre-game set up.

- The American Outlaws and their scouting report.

- ESPN Soccernet with their whatever. I mean the top story on the sidebar is that Robin van Persie is undergoing "placenta treatment". I think that speaks for itself.

Enjoy, we'll be catching all the action on tape delay this evening.

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