Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who We're Buying a Beer For...

This segement of "Who We're Buying a Beer For..." is slightly on the sympathetic side. We're handing out free beers to those who need it the most right now.

Starting with:

1. Section 8 (Chicago Fire supporter's group) chairman Ben Burton

Last night's loss to Real Salt Lake was a heartbreaker to Fire fans, but take solace in the fact that your supporter group's chairperson is awesome! Seriously, though... over the two home games that the Fire have put on during the 2009 MLS playoffs their fans have proven to be some of the best in the league. Two SOLD OUT matches, banners, flares, the whole nine yards... this franchise is putting on the best face for the American league.

Watching last night's game with a few soccer newbies, they were stunned at the atmosphere that Chicago hosted. They were stunned at a packed American soccer stadium and were blown away when the flares went off during the second half.

Even though it looks like Mr. Burton has a beer right now (ha!), we'd love to buy the next one for him. Section 8 and the Chicago Fire fandom is in good hands.

2. Winning Ugly Radio Host Scott Bornstein

After appearing on Episode 51 of Winning Ugly Radio I think we owe Scott a nice cold one. The host was great as FBM Prez Dan got to share the stage with Sandra Franz and Ginge (of the soccer blog, Ginge Talks the Footy)

Bornstein put up with Dan's antics for quite a bit including a crashing Internet, bad microphone, and offensive lines (which didn't make it on the show... thank goodness!).

We'll either buy him a pint of his favorite beer or maybe a "Coking, Choaking Argentini".

3. New Mexico Women's defender Elizabeth Lambert

By now the soccer world and beyond has heard for Ms. Lambert's outrageous "defending" during a college soccer match against BYU. I mean, even my uncle sent me this clip and he thinks soccer is a lefty, socialist attempt to destroy America.

And while the world lashes out at Lambert we're not going to condone her actions, but certainly try to get her past them. I think a nice cold one will bring everyone's frustration-level down quite a bit.

Lambert is suffering a lot right now, but beyond her actions the fact that this was allowed to go on for so long is a poor reflection of not just her, but her coaches who clearly knew this was how she was playing. This time she just got caught which I'm sure the coaching staff wasn't betting that their little approval of her actions would be broadcast on ESPN.

In the end, its the coaches who deserve the brunt of our criticism and Lambert a beer to settle what I'm sure has not been an easy end to her collegiate career.

4. MidnightRevs

This one is not sympathetic, but celebratory.

Our guest-hosted "Free Beer Match Day" was held by New England Revolution blogger MidnightRevs who cracked open a case of post-Halloween night beers for the Major League Soccer playoff match against the Chicago Fire at Gilette Stadium in Boston, Mass.

MidnightRevs was kind enough to share his story on the blog and was handsomely rewarded for his efforts. And you can be too!


  1. There's plenty of blame to go around in the Elizabeth Lambert debacle, imho. How about the referees? You could make an argument that the coaches should let their players get away with anything they can get away with. I think you're right that the coaches shoulder some blame in this extreme case, but it's at best a conflict of interest.

    The refs, on the other hand, are there for the expressed purpose of keeping the players within the bounds of the rules. Lambert's behavior is not some kind of gray area that's arguable at all, from a foul perspective. And there was so much violence that the refs certainly can't claim they missed it. If nothing else, there should have been post-game repercussions based on the video.

  2. Absolutely Chris. The referees have an obligation to keep play moving AND protect the players from dangerous play, something Lambert was clearly guilty of.

    The fact that it took well into the 2nd half before she saw yellow show the refs were not policing the game as well as they should've been.

    American soccer referees have a long way to come (ie MLS refs).

    Thanks for the comment. Keep coming back!


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