Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today's the Day...

Editor's Note: This is our "get fired up" post for US international matches. We'll re-post it for all our qualifiers.

Today's the day the US National Team takes the field in World Cup Qualification.

Today's the day they face Honduras in San Pedro Sula. Today's the day we will celebrate the inclusion of Mr. Frankie Hejduk

Today's the day we take three points and, perhaps, book our tickets to South Africa.

Today's the day that Howard will shine, Landon will lead, goals will be scored, and timely tackles will be made.

Today's the day we sit down with friends and fellow soccer fans and cheer on the home team.

Today's the day we invite someone new to come along and experience the power of a soccer match.

Today's the day they'll get a free cold one to enjoy while watching the sport we so desperately love and the team we'd follow to the ends of the earth (or South Africa!).

Today's the day we ask a non-soccer fan to join our footballing family. The Free Beer Movement is about spreading the love of American soccer to all corners of the nation and no day is better than today. Today, the pride and joy of our nation's game takes the field in order to continue its push towards the greatest sporting spectacle of all-time, the World Cup.

The past, present, and future of American soccer all take the field today to join in one cause, to win, and to move on to the next level.

It is days like this we, as American soccer fans embrace, as our national team fights for our country's continued respect on the international stage and to stake a claim as the best team in North and Central America.

Games like today are bigger than any game; bigger than any MLS game, and bigger than your son or daughter's kick around in the park.

Our local colors blend. There are no more yellow and black of the Columbus Crew or orange and white of the Houston Dynamo or the black and red of DC United; today there is only RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

These are the days that our nation's best and brightest shine on the field for 90 minutes. For themselves, for soccer, but mostly for you... the American.

These are the days that you have to get up as a soccer fan in America.

So grab you friends, grab those soccer fans, grab those ones you want to become soccer fans, and most importantly grab some really cold beers because today's the day we support our National Team and our national game we love so much.

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  1. Today is the day we do house/yardwork while anxiuously awaiting kickoff. Today is the day we've been spacing at work thinking about. Today is the day 36 bars around the country shelled out major dollars to carry the English feed for this game. Today is possibly the day ESPN or FSC stands up and takes notice of our fandom, ensuring that this TV situation never happens again.


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