Friday, December 30, 2011

Team FBM - Our Ultimate Twitter Follower Guide 2011

U.S. Soccer released its "Best of" nominee lists for 2011 (link to Facebook voting). Categories from "Male and Female Athletes of the Year", "Best Goal", "Best Fan Moments" and the like are all up for grabs.

The one that concerned us the most was the "Best Twitter" account which featured loads of USMNT and USWNT players and a few big media accounts.

First, we thought it a bit unfair that players a media were lumped into one. Second there were very few nods to grassroots sites/writers (just one actually) that do so much leg-work for soccer in America. Thirdly, US Soccer lumped their own accounts into the contest.

Lastly.... we were snubbed. But that's just sour grapes.

So we decided to assemble our own "Best Of" Twitter list for 2011. These are accounts we follow that fill our social media feeds with great in-depth reporting, valuable news, humor, style, and just plain random-ness from the American soccer world.

If you're a Twitter-er and a soccer fan you need to be following these accounts.

Oh, and if you're not following us on the Twitter-box yet, you should do that as well. We're at @FreeBeerMovemnt (yes, there's no last "e"... that user name would've exceeded Twitter's username rules... bah!)


football formations

Goalkeeper – @MLSReserves

Water Boys - @GolazoEnergy,@YourLocalCraftBrewery

Team Chaplin - @ChurchOfSoccer

Manager -@FakeBobBradley           

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