Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nominees - FBM Person of the Year 2011

Last year we debuted our first selection ever for "Person of the Year". The award went to the German ad agency Nordpol+ for their roll in creating the brat train and under-the-seat kegs at St. Pauli's (Germany) soccer stadium.

Beer and soccer indeed.

This year we're opening the award to out FBM community to decide. We've narrowed down the field to a few spectacular candidates for you all to vote on. Below is a profile of each nominee and their claim to be the FBM's 2011 "Person of the Year"


1) Clifton Vial 

We might be stacking the deck for our other nominees because Mr. Vidal's story is completely unrelated to soccer, but, boy, is it beer-related. Clifton lives in Nome, Alaska and one night while driving he lost control of his Toyota Tacoma and ended up in a snowdrift. Unable to contact anyone and stuck in below-freezing nighttime temperatures. Over three days he battled to stay alive. His only ally?

Let's go to the newspaper article:
His only provisions: Snow, and a few cans of Coors Light that had frozen solid in the cab. Vial ate the beers like cans of beans. "I cut the lids off and dug it out with a knife," he said.
Beer! Life-saving beer! How wonderful.

Just think if he would've had some Alaskan Brewing Company instead of Coors Light he probably would've been able to survive a week out there.

2) Keira Knightly

Keria Knightly is hot. No argument there. And she's a pretty talented actress as well. But what makes her a candidate for FBM's "Person of the Year" is this revelation in some asinine interview about her upcoming movie "A Dangerous Method".

The movie was shot during the summer of 2010 and Knightly said that given the heavy nature of the movie's subjects (psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung) her and her co-stars would go our each night and drink loads of beer and watch the World Cup.

And she still gets credit for her starring role in "Bend It Like Beckham" too, right?

3) Clint Dempsey

American? Check. All-time leading scorer for his countrymen in the English Premier League? Double check. Often celebrates those goals by using his boot as a bottle opener and drinking a beer? Triple check.

Clint Dempsey has now blasted in 39 Prem League goals and numerous ones have been followed up by his boot-and-beer celebration (like the one below from 2008). Deuce has cemented his place as one of the USMNT's most recognizable players alongside Landon Donovan and Tim Howard.

(Don't forget his other beer-credentials... spokesperson for Modelo)

Clint Dempsey is having a banner 2011. Can he add FBM's "Person of the Year" to his pile of accolades? 

4) German Beer Drinking Kid

How long does it take a child to drink a beer at a soccer game?  No one knows the exact answer to that question, but after watching the following clip of a youngster enjoying a beer during an early December Bundesliga match between FC Augsburg and FC Schalke, we are led to believe that the answer lies somewhere around 25 minutes.

That conclusion was drawn from the evidence in the video above, which shows a child enjoying a beer and wiener schnitzel in the 62nd minute of the match, before washing said beer and schnitzel down with a water (or full glass of vodka) in the 89th minute.

The legal drinking age in Germany may be 16, but I guess it is never too early to begin expanding your child’s palate.

5) Will Ferrell

Mr. Ferrell starred in the Oscar-snubbed soccer flick "Kicking and Screaming", but that was back in 2005. He even appeared on "The Daily Show" in a Chelsea jersey, but now you're talking about 2008. What has the funny man done in 2011 to be included on this list?

Ferrell loves Old Milwaukee beer. He loves it so much that he offered to do ads for the company (apparently only in the Midwest where OM is most popular) for FREE. Free. That's something we like.

Will even coaches his son's soccer team in his spare time.

So does a beer-swilling-selling, soccer fan deserve to top this year's list? You decide.

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  1. If anyone other than Dempsey wins I'll unsubscribe. The other candidates may have an interesting story of circumstance (or stardom) but Dempsey's intentions are deliberate and beer/soccer worthy of the honor.

  2. I'm kinda disappointed at this list. One nominee is completely unrelated to soccer, a second is nominated for something she did in 2010, another is a kid who drinks beer (probably not the best thing in the world to promote kids drinking beer on FBM site). Will Ferrell's tie-in is that he coaches his son's soccer team?

    Based on the other 4, the award should go hands down to Deuce.

  3. That first goal Dempsey scored that game was awesome.

    He gets my vote. Story 1 is nice but not soccer related. Keira Knightly is hot but 2010. German kid is a kid. Will Ferrell might be deserving some year, but not this year. That's not the only time I've seen Dempsey celebrate by cracking one open with his cleats and going bottoms up. Deuce by a mile.

  4. I suspect this deck is stacked.

  5. Dempsey stacked this deck by being the man all year. He's got a bag full of goals at FULHAM. FULHAM. Not Chelsea, not MLS, not some Dutch league where the defending makes a sieve blush. Also, stuff like this (with his left) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYBGNbLOChQ It was a foregone conclusion before voting was even considered.


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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