Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(Insert Joke Here About MLS' Balls Dropping)

By its 17th year this really should have happened already. (If you didn't pick up on it... that was our "ball-dropping joke).

Major League Soccer released their new match ball for the 2012 season and despite it kinda looking like it's wearing a thong, we think it's pretty cool.

Sporting the league's colors and minimalist design the MLS ball is a close cousin to the new Tango 12 ball for this summer's European Championship.
Designed exclusively for MLS, the adidas PRIME was created to improve on “accuracy, consistency and performance” under all field and weather conditions, according to adidas.

“We worked directly with both field players and goalies to rigorously develop a ball with the truest and most stable flight path,” said adidas' MLS manager, Ernesto Bruce, in a statement. 
The aesthetics of the ball also change and will feature a new panel design, a matte finish designed for a better grip and a graphic look that employs the colors of the MLS logo and elements from the MLS Cup trophy.
Blah. Blah. Blah. Let's just hope that it doesn't do too much crazy shit like the Jabulani.

Photo Credit: MLSSoccer.com
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