Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Season on the Brink - The Free Beer FC Story

Free Beer Movement Original Entertainment Presents:

From the producers of "Frankie Hejduk: Greatest American Since George Washington" and the director of "BeerFest: No, not the one you really liked with those guys from 'Super Troopers', but a different one with the same name because the guys who made it are good film makers, but not very creative with move title stuff" comes a sports journey for the ages.

A big city, small time recreational soccer team with just one dream; a dream to not be totally sucky.

Actually... two dreams, but that one isn't really soccer-related. It mostly centers around drinking, but that's not important. Yet.

Watch as they rise and fall against the most mediocre that Minneapolis has to offer in adult co-recreational soccer. Follow their trials and tribulations, their triumphs and their heart breaks, but most importantly meet the people and the stories behind the most regular of all indoor soccer teams: Free Beer FC.

Week in and week out follow FBFC as they battle a gauntlet of Twin Cities opponents: church groups, bar flies, youth soccer parent teams, and, of course, dudes past their prime playing days just trying to get back a semblance of their former selves.

All questions answered in a gripping multi-part series:

* How many goals will they slot past a pastor playing keeper for the first time?

* Which FBFC midfielder uses his time off the field to tuck away some chew?

* Can the bonds of marriage survive one spouse's inability to track back and play defense?

* Is a sweatband AND wrist bands really necessary? Really?

* Does this team of relative unknowns have what it takes to finish mid-table in their division?

Join ESPN commentator John Harkes as he chronicles the story of Free Beer FC, a team that you've never heard of and will probably not remember shortly after the series is over.

Coming soon to the Free Beer Movement site.


  1. You should come up with FBFC t-shirts that teams all over the place could buy for their jerseys!

  2. Definitely something to think about. We've been talking with some companies about FBM shirts. So stay tuned. Maybe in the future you could have your very own FBFC jersey!

  3. As an FYI, my indoor team wears royal blue!


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
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