Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo Essay: Free Beer Match Day Five - The Movement Hits LA

The result of the US Men's National Team clash against CONCACAF rivals Honduras was disappointing, a 3-1 loss to the Catrachos, but the despite disappointing showing by the Yanks it was a good night for beer.

Specifically, the Free Beer Movement, which hosted its Fifth Free Beer Match Day in Los Angeles in conjunction with the pre-game American Outlaws party. The FBM was on the hook for loads of beers, not only for Mrs. FBM, but some other friends, old and new.

The FBM met up with superstar soccer writers Matthew and Mark from The Shin Guardian and tasted some home brews from their friends at Die Hipster Brewing. We also got some serious face time with Justin Brunken, Vice President of AO and have a lot of exciting work to forge with the burgeoning USMNT Supporter's Group.

Check out our photo gallery below and try and tell us that free beer doesn't work!
Any good USMNT party has to start with the American Outlaws.

American Outlaws VP Justin Brunken.

Good crowd at the pre-game bar, Off Campus Pub.

Nice. But not our style.

FBM guests and soccer newbies Robin and Becca.

FBM Founder Dan (right) with Matthew and Mark of The Shin Guardian.

Matthew showing the Movement some back-love.

TSG's soccer newbie guest, Chris. Sporting the FBM sticker and joined the American Outlaws by night's end. Free beer works.

Dan enjoying some Die Hipster brews brought by TSG boys.

Matthew takes a swig. Mrs. Shin Guardian looks on in approval.

FBM guests: Landon, Robin, Becca, and Mrs. FBM.

Dan met up with the brains behind Constantly Offside.

After a failed attempt to light this Honduras squad poster on fire the CO guys doused the pic with Bud Light. Take that Catrachos!

Mrs. FBM seems to be enjoying herself.

Mr. and Mrs. FBM? Not quite yet.

Robin showing some FBM shoulder-love.

The American Outlaws entourage.

Mr. and Mrs FBM. Awww!

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