Monday, January 18, 2010

Signing Our Frankie Hejduk for FBM Spokesperson Petition Is the Equivalent to Being a Signer to the Declaration of Independence

Dear FBM Members and Visitors,

When we launched (in some sense, re-launched) the Free Beer Movement in mid-2009 we wanted to use our website to promote the idea that free beer can help promote the sport of soccer in the United States. Having just crossed into 2010, we can easily say that the FBM is having a great impact on the American soccer landscape. We have received stories and photos from soccer supporters and new fans around the country talking about how free beer has been a tremendous ally and a unique way in recruiting new soccer fans.

Our site exists to promote this idea and have some beer-and-soccer-related fun in the process. At the top of our list of goals for 2010 is the continued desire to land the "Free Beer Captain," Mr. Frankie Hejduk as the official spokesperson of the Free Beer Movement.

We've laid out our "Case for Frankie Hejduk" in a previous post, so we won't re-hash that, but in 2010 we want to land more support and more signatures for our drive to "Recruit Frankie". With Frankie's international career possibly coming to a close (he was not included in coach Bob Bradley's January MLS camp and future opportunities look slim) he's going to need a new way to move American soccer forward.

In comes the Free Beer Movement with our offer.

We're asking for your support in a number of ways to make this dream a possibility in 2010. We'll do our part by penning a letter to Mr. Hejduk and his people, but we'd like to have hundreds of signatures on our online petition to deliver as well.

How can you help our drive to recruit Frankie Hejduk, he of beer-slamming fame, as the official Free Beer Movement spokesperson? There are three ways:

Easiest Way:

Sign the "Frankie Hejduk for FBM Spokesperson Petition". Do it now... we'll wait for you to come back.

Easy-Medium Way:

Join the Free Beer Movement's "Recruit Frankie" Facebook page. And/or the "Free Beer Movement" Facebook page if you haven't yet.

Medium Way:

Place the Free Beer Movement and/or "Recruit Frankie" crest/post on your site to show your support for our cause.

Hard Way:

Travel to Columbus, Ohio and await arrive of Mr. Hejduk at Crew Stadium. Camp out for months if necessary. Create massive posters declaring the FBM's desire to have Hejduk as our spokesperson. Out-run security as the attempt to prevent you from loitering on private property. Meet Frankie. Don't flub lines. Don't accept rejection. Accept rejection. Hope that arrest doesn't permanently stain record. Success!

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Free Beer Movement. Having Frankie Hejduk as the face of the FBM will only help in promoting our greatest cause, finding a legitimate excuse for why we get so drunk at soccer games.

The Free Beer Movement

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