Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Might Just Be the Greatest Thing Ever Written on the Inter-Web-Blogo-Sphere

We're taking the Plato's Republic of the Internet, the Shakespeare's Hamlet of the web, a blogger's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (solid MLK Jr. reference there, just for this week).

The Free Beer Movement was honored to lend its two cents to a great beer and soccer-related column over at one of the nation's newest and best American soccer websites, The Shin Guardian.

We've mentioned them before and you might be thinking, "Best... come on!"

Would we lie to you? Maybe, but not today. TSG was recently honored by US as one of the finalists in their "Best Of..." series in the blog category and the site is ONLY six months old. Imagine what they could do with a whole year. Imagine!

We digress... today the brothers over at The Shin Guardian has assembled a panel of "experts" including themselves, two bar owners, the VP of the American Outlaws, and the FREE BEER MOVEMENT to recommend to you, loyal American soccer fans, beers for enjoying the game you enjoy as much as beer. Plus, some tasty brews if you're to need to load up the soccer newbies with you as well.

You see that there? Expert. Yeah... they said it. We didn't even tell them to write it. Ha! Now we're got legitimacy. Big mistake.

Head on over to The Shin Guardian and check it out!


  1. Too kind and thanks for your contributions.

    Remember your the expert on the panel...we just work there.

  2. It's an interesting coincidence that the picture TSG grabbed of the Movement in Action is of my brother...

  3. We found out from Dan it was your brother and it made it even better.

    I can see the conversation the day before.

    Nick: "Dan...dude...I can't find anyone to bring this weekend."

    Dan: "Bring your brother...but tell him not drape himself in the American flag or it will be a dead giveaway that something is up."


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