Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo Essay: USA v. Costa Rica in DC

We decided to separate our trip photos into two essay because they're just so many great pics from DC. The first one is all about the game and the fans and our next essay will be more FBM-centric. I was sitting right in the trenches of the American Outlaws and Sam's Army at midfield. I even made it all they way up to the front row after half time. What a night!

As Borat would say, "Great success"!

LD banner on RFK. Wondering if I can get that to put on my house when their done with it?

"When the American Outlaws go marching in!"

More general AO chaos.

Costa Rican fans taunt us with tongs and grill covers. Scary. We respond with "America? Fuck yeah! Costa Rica? Fuck you!"

Face of a soccer warrior.

I'm not going to ask how he got all those beads.

Estadio RFK.

" Oh, say can you see...."

Michael Bradley controlling possession.

9th minute tribute to Charlie Davies.

Leading the cheering charge.

Down 0-2 at half. The situation looks dire.


LD waiting to make a difference.

Show 'em how you REALLY feel!


Timmy! Tossing the jersey into the stands.

National pride.

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